Teacher Educators’ Preparedness for Re-Orienting Teacher Education Programs for Sustainable Development in Pakistan

  • Munawar Sultana Mirza University of Punjab
Keywords: Sustainable development, sustainable development goals, education for sustainable development, teacher educators, teacher education programs


All nations of the world have ratified the Post 2015 Agenda, Global Action Program on ESD and the Incheon Declaration 2015. The GAP and Incheon have prioritized on ‘building capacities of educators and trainers to enable them to deliver ESD’. This study was conducted to explore the perceptions of teacher educators (TEs) about the issues threatening sustainable development (SD) at the global and national levels, perceived role of teacher education in SD, the possible SD curricular spaces and the barriers for doing so. A questionnaire was distributed to 108 TEs of nine TEIs. They were found much below the satisfactory level on knowledge and understanding of the concepts and issues hindering the sustainable development. They did not perceive much relevance of SD concepts in the courses they were teaching. They neither have time and authority to modify the curricula nor do they have administrative and institutional support to do so.