Work-Life Balance among Female Academics

  • rabia naseem university of the punjab
  • rafia faiz, Dr university of the punjab


One of the huge changes noted in the labor market in Pakistan has been the passage made by the women into the workforce. Along with the traditional role of the homemaker, women have now assumed the role of the earning member of the family as well. They are under incredible strain to balance their work and family lives. This study endeavors to investigate how factors enshrined in the institution of the family and in the arena of the work impact the work-life balance of female academics. Pondering over the evolving role of academics owing to mutating expectations and trends in academia, this study is established on the qualitative paradigm garnering responses from the 18 female academics in the public and private sector universities in Lahore, Pakistan. The narratives reveal four major themes: Experiences of work-life balance, Family and faculty life, Social support and Work-life balance strategies.