Effect Of Demographic Factors On Academic Performance Of University Students In Punjab

  • Rabia Tabassun Lecturer, Lahore College for Women University
  • Nasreen Akhter Professor, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Keywords: Academic Performance, Social Competence, University Students


The performance of the university students has been found to be affected by various factors. Different works have been done to focus on any one aspect of such factors. But, irrespective to the nature of study, the importance of the demographic factors cannot be denied. The study was therefore, made to explore, the demographic factors that may influence the university students’ academic performance. The survey technique was used for the data collection. the sample comprised of the 4000 university students from different universities of Pakistan. The multistage cluster sampling was made for the data collection. the tool included 14 demographic factors that could influence the different psychological or social aspects of the students lives, were included in the study. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) was taken as the measure of the academic performance of the students. the demographic factors used in the study were, gender, age, mode of education (distance/formal), department, program of study, semester, current residence (hostel/home), residential area (urban/rural), sibling position, employment status, caste, nature of genetic make ups (inbreeding/cross-breeding), marital status, number of children, and income levels. SPSS (V23) was used to for the data analysis. Descriptive statistics included, frequency and percentage; while the inferential statistics included ANOVA, and t-test. The findings of the study showed varying effects of these factors.