The Effects of Parenting-Style (attitude) on Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students in Multan division

  • Ghulam Murtaza university of management and technology lahore
Keywords: Parenting style, Authoritarian Style, Authoritative Style, Non interfere Style


The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of parenting style (attitude) on academic achievement of the secondary school students. The study was confined to (632) public secondary schools (male and female, urban and rural) in Multan division. The sample of the study was 886 urban students (boys), 785 urban students (girls), 803 rural students (boys) and 337 rural students (girls).The total sample comprised of 2811 students of 9th class. After reviewing the related literature, a hypothetical framework was developed to measure the parenting style (attitude) of secondary school students. A questionnaire of five point rating scale was constructed for the students of 9th class. The questionnaire was consisted of 27 statements about parenting style (attitude). The validation of research instrument was checked by five research-experts in education. The reliability of research instrument was .89. Sampling adequacy was measured by using KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) of sampling adequacy that was .92(marvelous). Academic achievement of the students was determined from the marks of SSC Examinations year 2015. Data collected from the students were analyzed on SPSS-20.Crosstabulation, Chi-square and tests of significance were applied to determine the association between family social capital and academic achievement of secondary school students. From this study, it was also concluded that if the parents make their attitude democratic in their home. This attitude will develop the personality of the children as a whole. They would study whole-heartedly and, as a result, they will get good marks. From this study, it was determined that if the parents establish close relationships with their children because these relationships develop the confidence in children. As a result, they will get good grades. From this study, it was concluded that, if the parents monitor all the activities of their children to determine their problems and try their best to solve these problems. Their children will show good performance in the school.